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Car Parks

There are five car parks at Strasbourg Airport:

P1: Drop off, 54 places, first 10 minutes free (Entrance & Terminal Sign).
P2: Closest outside car park to terminal (Entrance, Exit & Terminal Sign).
P3: Underground parking on two levels (Entrance, Exit, Escalator Access & Escalator).
P4: Parking only for charter passengers (P4 & P5 Signs).
P5: Long term parking, five minute walk to terminal (P4 & P5 Signs).

Payment for the airport car parks can be made any any of the payment machines (P3 or terminal) or at the car park office inside the terminal. Both payment machines and car park office are sign posted as 'Cashier'
Payment at one of the machines can be make with cash or credit card - French CB (Carte Bleue)

The airport has baggage trolleys, but you'll need to deposit a euro coin for use. You'll your euro back when you're done.
To exit any car park if you don't see an exit sign, look for Sortie.